Ethical Exotic Leather

We’ve heard about the most common types of leather hides such as cows and sheep. However, have you also wondered where exotic leather came from? In this video, we will be answering the following questions:

  • What is exotic leather?
  • Where does exotic leather come from?
  • How do sharks, stingray, crocodile, and other exotic leathers look like?

Let us know about your thoughts and questions. You can comment them down below or directly on the YouTube video. We’ll see you again next time. A quick reminder to be authentic, be leather-savvy!


Hi, everyone! This is Tanner with another practical tip to help you become leather-savvy. Today, I want to explain a little bit more about exotic leathers. So, what is exotic leather?

Exotic leather comes from animals that are not cows, sheep, and goats which are the most commonly used leathers out there. Exotic leathers usually have a very distinct natural pattern, grain, or look. That’s why they’re more desired and looked after. The most important point when you’re looking or shopping for exotic leather is to pay attention to how they’re harvested. These are very rare kinds of leather crafts that you can find in the market. They’re going to be the most expensive but they’re statement pieces and are beautiful. An example is a stingray and there are also a few more options such as sharks, crocodiles, ostriches, and snakes. These are all examples of exotic leathers.

Again, when you’re looking for descriptions or reading the labels of these products, you need to make sure that they’re harvested ethically. Since they’re very expensive pieces, sometimes people take the easier route and kill these animals in unethically inhumane ways. You don’t want to pay for those kinds of practices. All you need to do is to make sure that your leather is coming from a traceable, licensable, and humane source so you can be comfortable when you’re using your exotic leather crafts.

I hope this helps you navigate the space better next time you’re shopping for leather goods.

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  • Nelson

    Where are you restocking the black ostrich leather long wallet?

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