Full-Grain Goat Skin Crust for Lining Crafts Leather Review

Are you still looking for more leather article suggestions for your leathercraft? Don't worry, we'll review some more! Let's take a look at this particular full-grain article that can be used as a lining for your crafts! In this video, we'll answer the following questions:

  • How much would the article cost and how can you purchase one?
  • Which color options are available?
  • Does it look, feel, and smell good?

Let us know your thoughts and questions in the comments section below. We’ll see you again next time. A quick reminder to be authentic, be leather-savvy!


Hi, folks! This is Tanner here, reviewing another goat skin option. We have a lining variety of articles of goat skins here. This is for lining your higher-end crafts. Let’s say you’re making a portfolio or a book cover or journal cover, and you want to cover the inside with a fancier look of another leather (not your cowhide that you use outside), then this is a great option for enriching it with that beautiful grain of the goat skin. As you can see, this looks gorgeous.

This has a very minimal process or finishes on top because it is used for lining purposes. It is super soft. Again, it goes down to a ball and it stretches pretty well. Before you cut it, you might want to stretch it to get any extra stretching later down the road on your craft. The weight on this is… let’s see. I’m thinking about two… yeah, two ounces (0.8 mm - 0.9 mm) in thickness. It’s fairly thin and it also has an oily, matte, and waxy touch to it. When you’re trying to rub your hand across, the oils hold onto your hand. It’s a great moist feel. Actually, I love to touch it. The smell is very mild but it’s a gorgeous leather smell. It doesn’t scratch because there are oils in it.

There’s also a little bit of a writing effect too, as you can see here on the grain. I think there’s a slight buff to achieve this or it might even be the waxes inside so I’m not 100% sure here. But this is a great touch, look, and feel that will enhance your items as an inner lining.

We can make other colors of this for sure. The black is a classic one. We have another color option here. The feel on this one is slightly different. I think I like the black one much more. But this is also another lining material that can be used for your wallets. Let’s say you have a wallet. On the back, it can be made of cowhide and the inside is made with this lining instead of leaving open the suede. This gives a very soft and silky touch inside your craft, definitely enhancing the look and sophistication of your design.

We’re going to have these available as well soon on Tannerstein if you see enough interest. If these are something that you are looking to use, the price will be $4 - $4.50 per square foot. If you’re interested, let us know. The colors can be made available upon your demand. Thank you and happy crafting!

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