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Buying a gift for someone you’re not really close with is quite hard. You don’t know their styles, their interests, or what they like. I’m thinking you also don’t know how much you should spend on the gifts. We know the feeling; we’ve been there. But one thing’s for certain: whatever you give to someone, they’ll always appreciate them. This might even become a way for both of you to become friends! But the question still remains: how much should we spend on gifts for an acquaintance?

Thinking about how much to spend on gifts to someone you barely know depends on the occasion. Is it their birthday, wedding, or you just want to give them a gift for the holidays? You’d probably want to spend more if it’s for a wedding than if it’s only a gift for the holidays or birthdays. The price range you can spend on weddings can be more than $ 75, while if it’s for a birthday or for secret santa gifts, you can spend less than $25. The most important thing in giving someone a gift is not how much the gift is, it’s about how you came up with such a gift.

Our very first article entitled “Gift-giving: How to make them feel special” talked about how you can think of gifts that your loved ones would greatly appreciate. The article can also be applied to an acquaintance. Think about their hobbies and interests. If you don’t know anything about them, maybe ask a common friend. Or maybe observe them for a while and determine what makes them happy. Doing these simple tasks can help you choose the best gifts you can give to them. You can probably buy them something useful in a low price range.

Again, it’s not about the price of the gift. But it would be nice if you can think of something that they would really appreciate. This can be something that they can use or something that interests them. What’s more, to make it more special, you can look for gifts that can be personalized. You can engrave their initials on the gifts which will make them see that you’ve put a lot of thought on the gift. It might be inexpensive, but it will make them feel special.

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