Sheepskin Wool Leather Review

Are you planning a leather shoe or leather jacket project? This will be the perfect leather for that! In this video, we’ll answer the following questions:

  • How are the leathers finished and what do you call these types of leather?
  • How much will the leather cost?
  • What are the available color options?

Let us know your thoughts and questions in the comments section below. We always read your comments! We’ll see you again next time. A quick reminder to be authentic, be leather-savvy!


Hello, everyone! Tanner here, talking about another type of leather in the sheepskin world. So, some of the sheepskins have super soft wools that are worth keeping. Most of the leathers don’t have the hair on because we remove it in the tannery. This is because the wool is not as soft, so it’s not worth keeping on the leather. We take it off and finish it with the grain side.

Some of the sheepskin has some super fine soft wools, so it’s worth keeping it on instead of finishing it only with the grain. This is called double-faced production. This is another thing I grew up making my entire life. I love it. It’s a super soft touch. It’s basically your furs now, and this sheepskin is this big. It’s a lamb from Ireland and it’s finished in black paint on the hair and on its suede. We dye them in the drums and mixers. So, everything is dyed through.

This article here specifically is made for shoes and inner slippers if you will – the things you wear in your home during winter. So, it’s slightly stiff to keep the form of the shoe and it handles some rough playing. The flesh side is just left as suede and again, this has a gorgeous writing effect. It’s a beautiful suede. Love the touch of the suede. Love the feel of the hair here.

We can make it in any color technically. This is the brown option of that. If you’re considering any slipper, shoe, or ugg style projects, these are the things you might want to look for. The price range around this is about $9 to $10 per square foot, and each skin is about six to seven square feet on average.

There’s another way we finish the double-faced sheepskins. This is for garment use if ever you’re thinking about making jackets like this one. This is one of my favorite jackets made from very similar leather that we have in front of us here. The suede is finished with what we call a slight crack finish. It is still showing the softness and the writing effect of the suede but there is a bit of protection from dirt, water, and all the materials that it’s going to be exposed to as a jacket.

This leather in front of us has a similar crack finish. This is pretty soft– softer than the earlier one we just talked about for shoes. The fur is not dyed on this one. It’s just the original colorless shade. There is a little bit of smudging from the suede dyeing. This one has only the hair’s original color. A little bit of smudging from the suede dyeing (that little brown hint) but it’s the original color of the wool.

There’s a slightly different suede color to this. They’re both browns, but this is more of a purplish brown with the same crack finish. You can see the writing effect of the suede, but also the little sprinkles of those shiny finishes which add durability and resistance to earth materials as you use this as a jacket. This has a little bit more staining on its wool sides in comparison to the other one, but again, these are undyed wools. It’s smudging from the dyeing of the suede process which is kind of unpreventable. If you’re ever considering experimenting with garment projects, these are going to be the double-faced productions available to you.

We are planning to bring some small batches of these as well. If you’re interested, please let us know. Again, the price is going to be around $9 - $10 a foot for these articles, and for any colors or specific requests you were tinkering around, let us know. We’re always happy to go around and find you the best leather that is out there, being made in tanneries around the world. Thank you for watching and happy crafting!


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