The Best Leather for Your Needs

Are you one of those people who are willing to splurge on luxuries and high-end items? Are you sure that their products are made from high quality leather? You saved for months or years to buy that leather goods; and we’re not against treating yourselves to a very well-deserved purchase, but we still wanted to make sure that you can save money by investing in the highest quality product that you can use for years. In this video, we’ll answer the following questions:

  • Which leather should you look for according to your needs?
  • What is the difference among the four leather types?
  • Which is the most durable leather that’s worth your money?

In addition, we’ll be ranking the four leather types according to their durability. Let us know about your thoughts and questions. You can comment them down below or directly on the YouTube video. We’ll see you again next time. A quick reminder to be authentic, be leather-savvy!

Transcription / Written Article

Hi, everyone! This is Tanner with another practical tip on how to become leather-savvy. Are you wondering which type of leather is best for your needs? Here’s what I think about that subject.

Full grain leather is our first and highest quality material. It’s the ideal option to express yourself as uniquely and as authentically as possible since its the leather with minimal finish, with natural imperfections, and is crafted with elegance. It makes a very profound statement about yourself: who you are and how comfortable you are by just being yourself. You don’t have to be polished, reserved, or covered up. So this, for me, is the ultimate form of self-expression using leather.

Next, top grain leather is the second level at the quality chart. This is a good option for occasions where self-expression or uniqueness is not as important as being polished and refined. Think of events that require necktie, heavy makeup, and a very poised look. You’re not concerned about being authentic, being unique, and being natural or rugged as possible. If you care more about looking sharp and sleek, then the material made with top grain leather will complement the look and the necessity driven by the occasion that you’re going after. So, whenever you’re going for an event that doesn’t require or make you feel that self-expression is not the most important goal (maybe unity is the goal in that environment), then the standardized and polished look of top grain will complement that occasion more. Just be careful: it is good quality leather and there’s a lot of options out there. Some of them are definitely overpriced. If it says top grain, it definitely doesn’t have to be astronomical in price. It’s not going to be cheap either but be careful how much you’re spending on top grain. Remember: full grain is the highest quality of leather that your money should be buying.

Next in line is the genuine leather. This is the type of leather made from split dropping. It is covered by a plastic and pigmented layer which looks like leather grain, but it’s not. Remember that it’s the most misleading label we have in the market. Genuine leather doesn’t mean it’s the best and greatest leather. It is actually one of the lowest grades of leather we have out there. As long as you pay attention to that, then you’re good to go. Genuine leathers still have good uses for it. This is the type of leather that surely doesn’t last a while depending on how its made and its quality. The grain might peel but again, it’s fairly durable as opposed to other alternative materials you can find in the market. It could be a good option for a belt if you don’t care how it will look or how much of a statement it makes. You just need the belt for the functionality. If you’re on a budget, then genuine leather is a good option. Same thing goes for shoes selection. If you’re looking for a daily shoes and you don’t really care how it looks, but you need it to cover your feet, you’re going to beat it up, you don’t care how long it’ll last, and you get it for the right price, that might be a great option for you to consider. Again, genuine leather is not the best and greatest leather. It is the lowest grade of leather but it is still considered leather. It is more concerned with the functionality for the right price.

Lastly, we have bonded leather. Bonded leather is leather dust and garbage glued together to form a uniform leather looking material. And as you can understand from it, it is the cheapest and not the most durable type of leather. So, if you’re going for a very temporary solution for your small items that would just do the job for a day or two, you don’t care if it falls apart in the next week or so, and you don’t spend a lot on it, then there might be some uses for it. We wouldn’t recommend it personally in any case but for some tasks it might be a good option to save the day.

To summarize it all, we start with the highest quality of leather which is full grain. It is the greatest option to uniquely express yourself and make a statement. It’s the most durable and long-lasting item that you can buy. Number two, top grain leather can be used whenever the occasion calls for a uniform, refined, and polished look and it’s still a good quality item. Number three, genuine leather still does the job. It’s still leather but it won’t be as durable as top or full grain leathers. As long as it’s on a budget, making a statement is not the priority, and you don’t care how it looks as long as it’s functional, then genuine leather is a good option. Bonded leather should be purchased only to save the day and if you don’t have any other options. It also fits to those who are on a really tight budget but need an item in the short-term. I hope this helps to navigate the space a little bit better next time you’re shopping for leather goods.

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