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We’ve talked about our review process in one of our articles, starting from how we come up with what products to create up to the process of revising and selling them. Like what we have said, customers’ reviews and feedback are one of the most important and crucial things we consider to create our best-selling products. We ensure to read all your comments to know if there’s a need to create another version of the product. However, there’s another factor why our products become a best-seller and that is: functionality.

All our products are created because someone else needs it. Everyone needs a wallet when they go out, a bag when travelling, a belt to tighten up loose jeans, or a camera strap to comfortably take a picture. These products are created because it might be one of your or someone else’s essentials. This is the most important factor to consider when we brainstorm which product we’ll create next.

Our goal is to help you have a comfortable and stylish lifestyle. That is why most of our products are things that will help to keep you organized. We also know how hard it is to choose a gift for a loved one that you haven’t met after a couple of years or an acquaintance that you don’t usually talk to. You might not know what gift they would want and you’re overthinking whether they’ll like the gift that you bought. But won’t it be worth your money if you know that the gift you’ll buy for them is something that they can use everyday with elegance and style?

Before a product becomes a best-seller, it undergoes several processes. A lot of product versions are created. It is normal that it would not be a hit on the first try which is why customers’ feedback are important. We created essential products that we know could help someone. And we created them so you won’t have any trouble trying to think of what gift to buy for anyone in your life. We start and end our process with one person in mind: the customer.

PEGAI, created in 2017, is an expert in creating elegant and functional lifestyle products that have a minimalist and timeless design so they can be used for years or decades to come. We use real, full-grain leather to create our products to ensure its durability. And we will continue to create products that serve you so you can live a comfortable and elegant life with PEGAI.

We hope you liked this week’s article. If you have any questions or content and/or product suggestions, you can use the comments section to ask them or message us on our social media pages (Facebook, Instagram). If you want to be leather-savvy, we suggest you also subscribe to the Tanner’s Club YouTube channel where you can find entertaining and informational videos about leather! If you want to save money, better know what it is you’re buying. We always hope for what's best for you. Always remember that you are special and loved, and you deserve that buy from PEGAI!

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