What is Leather?

I’m sure you already know what leather is. At least, you know what leather looks like. For our Chief Craftsman, leather should bring out the authenticity and uniqueness of the person who owns the leather goods. In this video, we will answer the following questions:

  • How does Tanner Leatherstein define leather?
  • How does leather help with everyday life?
  • How can you use leather to organize your life?

Let us know about your thoughts and questions. You can comment them down below or directly on the YouTube video. We’ll see you again next time. A quick reminder to be authentic, be leather-savvy!


Hi, everyone! This is Tanner with another practical tip to help you become leather-savvy. So, what is leather?

For me, leather is a fabric provided by nature to help us organize and protect our things while putting a nice outlook into it. You may think that nature uses leather in this perspective: imagine a cow – the skeleton and its organs of it without the skin. It’s messy and it’s not gonna hold together. But nature covers it with a fabric that holds things together, organizes them, protects them to some extent, and puts a nice wearable look outside. We, tanneries, take leather as a dropping from the meat industry and re-purpose it with similar and parallel purposes to nature’s intention for it. We make crafts out of it so you can organize your things, protect them to some extent, and put a nice outlook to reflect and express yourself in the most unique and authentic way possible using this natural resource (fabric) available to us.

I hope this helps you understand leather and how it should be used a little better so you can navigate the space more easily next time you’re shopping for leather goods.

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