What is Leather?

What is leather? According to Tanner Leatherstein

Tanner Leatherstein explains what leather means for him and why he created his YouTube channel! Come with us as we explore this new world of leatherverse.

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What is leather? Is it just a material we use to make shoes or is it much more than that? Oh, it must be! Because I dedicated my life to it. It is not just a fabric and I’m going to prove it.

I’ll cut the drama over here and get to work. Get ready to be my accomplice in this journey. I will show you all the secrets and behind-the-scenes of leather and tanneries. With this journey, you will understand leather better and share my passion for it.

So, what is leather? I’ve been thinking about it for about 25 years now. Here is my short answer. It’s nature’s gift to us. It’s the most authentic, durable, and unique fabric to do things and lots of things with.

Nature uses leather to organize, protect, and put a nice outlook on otherwise messy and ugly things. Imagine us without our skin. A bunch of bones and organs that can’t even stay together. So, its main functions are to organize, protect, and put a unique lookable face to things. We use leather in a similar fashion: to make clothing and accessories. At first, most of you may only think of clothing like jackets, shoes, and bags. But let me tell you, it is much more than that.

We, humans, invented so many ways to use leather. To protect, organize, express style, decorate, have fun, play, and even shelter… and much more. For some of us, it’s a way to express ourselves through clothing and accessorizing with it. For others, it’s a creative expression channel, a hobby, a work. It is so versatile and durable that it can be applied to all aspects of life tastefully. It respected nature’s creative principles.

Yet, it is such a less-known field for most that we don’t even get to enjoy it to its full potential. Well, don’t worry! I would love to be your guide in this adventure to explore it all together with fun and dirty behind-the-scene adventures all around the world.

I invite you to be my accomplice in chasing leather around the world. We’ll explore all the secrets, unknowns, and misknown of the craft while having fun so we all get to enjoy leather better. Let’s dive into the leatherverse. Please don’t forget to subscribe so you get notified whenever we post new content. Thank you.

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