Ditch novelty and fake leather gifts. 

Whether to recognize employees, celebrate clients, or promote your company- Pegai has authentic leather crafts that they'll remember

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If you're paying for premium, you better get the REAL thing.

Most leather companies strip the leather of its natural beauty and personality for the sake of mass production. They remove layers and paint over imperfections...leaving only a leather that feels cheap and plastic.

To us, leather is a living object, and it has to be treated with respect at all stages of this crafting process. This is why PEGAI opts for a more “raw” look of leather with very few treatments and minimal finishing.


  • Crafts with Cause
  • Full-Grain Leather
  • One of a Kind

Crafts With Cause

Every sale supports underprivileged children around the world.

Full Grain Leather

Natural markings and variations make your full-grain leather craft unique and beautiful. Little to no maintenance is needed.

One of a Kind

We use only the cleanest top 3% of hides. This is the best leather your hard earned money can buy.


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Where are your crafts made?

Our authentic full grain leather crafts are proudly made by our team in Turkey. Our Dallas based team ensures final fulfillment and personalization procedures. 

We never use child labor or unfair sweatshop practices-nor do business with anyone that does.

Do you offer bulk discounts?

Sure! Bulk discounts apply automatically at checkout for qualifying product quantities. 

What's the difference between firebranding and laser engraving?

Firebranding uses a heated metal stamp to imprint the personalization unto the leather. The resulting impression is a darker color than the surrounding leather and makes for a truly timeless look. 

Laser engraving uses a high energy beam to burn the personalization on. Laser is the prefered method for intricate engravings and designs. 

This engraving leaves a higher contrast against the surrounding leather due to it’s much darker impression. 

Will you send a digital proof for laser engraved orders?

Of course! We will work with you on exact placement and sizing for your laser engraved artwork. You must approve the digital proof we send before we start the engraving process. 

When will my order arrive?

Most orders should arrive within 1-2 weeks of being placed (for the domestic United States). 

Where can my logo be imprinted?

We can imprint your logo on most any product surface location. Certain placement restrictions vary by product and we will be happy to assist you in finding the ideal location. 

How do I take care of my Pegai leather? 

Little to no maintenance needed. 

Our leather is treated with oils and waxes to make it maintenance-free. It is not considered waterproof even though it has a small amount of water repellent waxes in the mix. It would be fine in a drizzle or light rain, but it shouldn't be left underwater or soaked intentionally. 

Therefore, we do not recommend any conditioning or treatment product since we’ve designed it to be unnecessary, unless you have a special requirement. If you’d like to try and apply something to PEGAI leather, we suggest you do so over a small and discrete spot on your product to test the appearance of it before applying all over. 

What makes Pegai leather special?

At Pegai, we only use the top 3% of hides. This is the best leather your money can buy.

At Pegai, we only use the top 3% of hides. This is the best leather your money can buy.

We only work with minimal leather finishes to accentuate the hide grain's natural beauty and embrace the imperfect elegance of nature's intention.

These finish types do NOT cover any imperfections such as bug bites, veins, fence scratches, and other markings that tell a story about the bull’s life.

To us, leather is a living object, and it has to be treated with respect at all stages of this crafting process, which is why PEGAI opts for a more “raw” look of leather with very few treatments.


Choose from a variety of beautiful leather colors and engraving options. Firebrand intitials for a timeless look-or engrave anything with our laser option. 

  • Firebranding
  • Laser Engraving


Embossing (can also be referred to as firebranding ) is the process in which a brass letterset is heated and pressed into the surface of our leather using a manual machine.

 This leaves behind a deep indent that is easily felt with your fingers and slightly darkened from the heat of the brass. 

We “load” our embossing machine by hand one letter at a time, and must have all letters/characters made custom beforehand in one matching font: Times New Roman. 


Laser engraving is a process in which a very precise laser burns an image, quote, or name into the surface of our leather. The machine is automatic and uses software to translate designs through the laser, so it is less limited in the amount of customization available. 

Engraving does not leave behind any pigment but rather a simplified “etch” of the image, and does not create deep indentations like embossing.

Simply put, embossing is to press while engraving is to burn! 




Keep all your meeting essentials in this authentic leather padfolio.

 Includes a business card holder, front pocket, pen holder, and pad holder.  

DIMENSIONS: 9” x 12”. Designed for use with 8.5” x 11.75” legal pads.