Songmont Bag Review: Luna Bag vs. Chocolate Bag - Does the Brand Deliver on Expectations?

Songmont Luna Bag vs Chocolate Bag Review by Tanner Leatherstein

Today, we're diving into a detailed review of one of the most requested brands: Songmont. We have two bags on our review table: the Chocolate bag and the brand-new Luna bag. Many of you suggested this brand in the comments under my Polene and Strathberry reviews, hinting that it might be another value brand worth exploring in the leather market. But does Songmont really live up to the hype?

DISCLAIMER: This is an UNSPONSORED review. I purchased all of these products myself and am not affiliated with the brand mentioned in any way. All statements and expressions made about the products are solely the opinion of Tanner Leatherstein and are not meant to be conclusive or definitive. The purpose of this video is for informational and educational purposes only. We recommend that as a consumer, you exercise your due diligence and research on the products before adopting the opinion of Tanner Leatherstein.

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First Impressions

Chocolate Bag

The Chocolate bag immediately raised some concerns. The texture felt plasticky, which made me wary. According to the website, the material is "sponge-composite fine calf leather." This description heightened my concerns because it didn’t feel like real leather.

The interior material is described as "Chinese silk and sheep pattern microfiber leather," which further confused me. The hardware was described as having a "matte gold finish vintage effect, fade-resistant," yet it showed signs of wear after just a few months of use.

Luna Bag

In contrast, the Luna bag impressed me from the start. The leather felt luxurious, and the design was elegant. However, I was apprehensive about the interior lining, described as "microfiber leather." In my experience, microfiber and leather do not mix well, often leading to deceptive marketing. 

Detailed Inspection and Comparison

Chocolate Bag

Starting with the Chocolate Bag, the material described as "sponge-composite fine calf leather" felt disappointingly artificial. Upon applying the acetone, I discovered a heavily sanded-down grain, indicative of a highly finished, plasticized surface. Although technically leather, it lacked the high-caliber feel expected from genuine leather.

The interior claimed to be "microfiber leather," turned out to be vinyl or PU upon closer inspection, with the acetone test revealing a fabric backing beneath the plastic layer. This misleading description of materials was disappointing.

Furthermore, the hardware, advertised as "matte gold finish vintage effect, fade-resistant," showed significant wear and tear, suggesting low-quality zamak with poor plating that did not meet the claimed durability.

Luna Bag

The Luna Bag impressed with its high-quality leather. The acetone test revealed a thin protective finish over a beautifully grained cowhide, balancing protection with the natural grain’s aesthetic appeal. Although the interior was also described as "microfiber leather," it was actually vinyl or PU, repeating the misleading marketing issue.

However, the hardware was a highlight, featuring a durable PVD coating that resisted scratches and maintained its finish, indicative of superior materials and craftsmanship. The Luna Bag’s overall quality, from the leather to the hardware, surpassed that of the Chocolate Bag, showcasing better construction and material integrity. This bag exemplifies what a premium leather product should be, providing excellent value and a more satisfying experience.

Cost and Value Analysis

When examining the cost and value of the two Songmont bags, there are significant differences that impact their overall worth. 

Chocolate Bag

For the Small Chocolate Bag, the material cost is approximately 4-5 square feet of leather, estimated at $13. The hardware costs around $10, and the assembly labor in China is about $40, bringing the total production cost to roughly $63. Given the retail price of $279, the cost multiplier is a little over four, indicating a higher markup for a product that doesn't live up to its price tag in terms of quality.

Luna Bag

The Luna Bag offers a much better value proposition. The material cost for this bag is around 5 square feet of higher-quality leather, estimated at $25. The hardware is superior, costing about $15, and the assembly labor is approximately $55, leading to a total production cost of around $95. With a retail price of $350, the cost multiplier is less than four, suggesting a more reasonable markup for a product that delivers on its promises. The Luna Bag's excellent leather quality, better craftsmanship, and durable hardware make it a worthwhile investment at its price point, unlike the Chocolate Bag, which fails to justify its cost.

Final Thoughts

Chocolate Bag: This bag does not meet expectations for its price. The leather quality is poor, the design uninspiring, and the hardware substandard. It feels like a cheap bag made of PU materials rather than a premium leather product. For $279, there are better options available, even within the same brand.

Luna Bag: This bag is a different story. The leather quality, design, and hardware all exceed expectations. For $350, the Luna bag offers excellent value, combining high-quality materials and sophisticated craftsmanship. This is a bag I can confidently recommend. 


Songmont shows considerable potential, particularly with products like the Luna Bag, which demonstrates high-quality materials and sophisticated craftsmanship. However, their marketing practices need greater transparency, especially regarding the materials used in their products. Describing PU leather as "microfiber leather" is misleading and diminishes consumer trust. Addressing this issue and consistently maintaining the quality seen in the Luna Bag could help Songmont secure a strong position in the competitive leather goods market.

Leatherverse Brand Matrix - Luna Bag and Chocolate Bag of Songmont

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Our evaluation places these two bags on the Leatherverse Brand Matrix, revealing a significant gap in quality. The Luna Bag positions Songmont close to esteemed brands like Polene and Strathberry, reflecting its high quality. In contrast, the Chocolate Bag falls short, with subpar materials and misleading marketing, placing it closer to entry-level products. For Songmont to fully meet consumer expectations and solidify its reputation, it must address these inconsistencies and ensure that all products meet a high standard of quality and transparency. Thus, while the brand partially lives up to the hype, it needs to overcome these challenges to fully realize its potential.

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    Would leaderstein consider dissecting a SABEN bag. It’s a New Zealand brand, quite famous and expensive made of cowhide. I would really appreciate it if he could.

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