Spending Wisely: The Value of the Sezane Large Romeo Bag

Sezane Large Romeo Bag Review by Tanner Leatherstein

Buying a high-quality leather bag is an investment, and it’s natural to question if the price you paid was worth it. I recently bought the Large Romeo bag from Sézane, a Paris-based brand that has gained popularity in the past decade. Is this bag worth spending your hard-earned dollars on? Let’s find out!

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First Impressions: A Nod to Vintage Coach Bags

The Large Romeo bag immediately reminded me of the classic, vintage Coach bags I used to admire. It has a timeless appeal with its natural leather grain and soft hand feel. The design is simple yet elegant, featuring minimal hardware and edge paint. Initially, I didn't spot any glaring issues, although I did notice some cracking on the edge paint of the handles on the bag sent by one of my followers who had used it for some time for our LBI (Leather Bureau of Investigation) segment.

Craftsmanship Test: Inspecting the Details

Opening the bag, I was pleased to see clean workmanship inside. The support materials were solid, and the overall construction was above average. One detail that stood out was the binded edges. This old-school technique requires more work but results in a much more durable finish. Apart from a few stray threads that needed trimming, the craftsmanship was impressive and felt distinctly European.


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Acetone Test: Revealing the True Beauty of the Leather

To test the quality of the leather, I conducted the acetone test. This involves applying acetone to a small area of the leather to see how it reacts. The acetone removed a very thin layer of the semi-aniline finish, revealing a beautiful, gorgeous grain underneath. This was a good sign that the leather was of high quality, and I fell in love with it even more.

Vegetable-Tanned Leather: A Closer Look

Sézane's website claimed that the bag was made from vegetable-tanned leather, and I wanted to verify this. I conducted a burn test, which involves burning a small piece of the leather. The leather burned like wood, leaving a stiff residue with all-black charcoal and no green hues. This indicated that there was no chrome involvement, confirming that the leather was indeed vegetable-tanned. This type of tanning process is more environmentally friendly and produces durable, high-quality leather.

Hardware Test: Assessing the Metal Components

Next, I examined the hardware of the bag. The metal parts seemed to be made from a soft alloy with very thin plating. While they weren’t the best quality, they were functional and on the budget end of the spectrum. Considering the overall price of the bag, this was a reasonable trade-off.

Leather Estimate: Breaking Down the Costs

To understand the value of the bag, I estimated the cost of the materials and assembly. The bag uses about 8 square feet of vegetable-tanned leather, which I estimate to cost around $60. Adding another $80 for assembly and hardware in Portugal, the total cost to produce the bag would be approximately $140.

With a price tag of $365, the cost is about 2.5x the estimated production cost. In the world of high-quality leather goods, this markup is quite reasonable. Luxury brands often have much higher markups, sometimes exceeding 10 times the production cost.

Conclusion: Was It Worth the Money?

After thoroughly inspecting the Large Romeo bag from Sézane, I am confident that I did not waste my money. The bag is well-crafted with high-quality leather, and the design is timeless. Despite the minor issue with the edge paint on the handles and the budget-friendly hardware, the overall value of the bag is excellent.

In my opinion, spending $365 on this leather bag was a great deal. If you’re looking for a stylish, durable, and well-made leather bag, the Large Romeo bag from Sézane is definitely worth considering.

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