My Leather Journey | Leathertainment Studio Podcast, Episode 1

In today's podcast episode, we'll talk about how our Chief Craftsman and founder, Tanner Leatherstein, started his leather journey. You'll learn about the following:
  • What countries did Tanner visit to search for leather?
  • What are his goals and why did he create the Leathertainment Studio podcast?
  • How did he establish PEGAI?

 Video Format

Audio Format

If you're a leather craftsman or someone who just loves to create leather crafts as a hobby and is interested in being a guest on our podcast show, please fill up this form or message us on our social media pages! We'd love for you to be with us and talk about your journey.
For other suggestions or inquiries, kindly comment them down below! We'll see you again in our next Leathertainment episode.

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