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For most women, the day they decided to say “yes” to their husband or boyfriend was the same day they became their best friends. Or, it might have been that way even before they said yes. Either way, on this very special occasion, it is important to ponder on what gift to give to the one who has been with you through thick and thin. In this week’s article, we will be featuring gift ideas you can give to him on what might be one of the happiest days in their lives.

Men do not usually carry a lot of things. But one of their essentials whenever they go out is a wallet. Our Knox Leather Bifold Wallet can be the perfect gift for him. Not only is it practical, the design of the wallet is also minimal and timeless. He can pair it up with any outfit so he can still look classy even if he’s just heading out for the supermarket. It can hold up to four cards with two extra pockets for cash or a business card. We also have other wallets such as the Bureau Leather Billfold Wallet (can hold up to six cards) and Kane Leather Trifold Wallet (can hold up to 12 cards). You can never go wrong with giving him something that he can use everyday!

PEGAI Knox Leather Bifold Wallet

Something that he can wear whenever he heads out is a belt. Our Boone Distressed Leather Belt is perfect for him. There are seven holes so it can easily be adjusted. The design is very minimal but classy. The colors also go well with anything he wears and we made sure the material quality is designed to last. So, it will look more classic as decades go by and still maintain its durability. The belt can be bought in three different colors - rock gray, chestnut, and charcoal. We also have another belt made from buffalo hide called Buffalo Leather Belt for Men so you can choose between the two and he’d still look good in both.

PEGAI Boone Distressed Leather Belt

Some men like photography. If your husband or boyfriend is one of them, buy him this personalized Steve Pro DSLR Camera Strap. It universally fits all DSLR cameras such as cameras from Sony, Nikon, and Canon. It also features a strap drop which can be adjusted between 26” - 30”. The strap’s design is minimal so he can rock it with any outfit. It’s also made of high quality materials. Rest assured, the strap is very durable. It comes in four colors - charcoal, chestnut, mahogany, and rock gray. Buy him one camera strap with a personalized message and he’ll always think of you whenever he does the hobby that he loves.

PEGAI Steve Pro DSLR Leather Camera Strap

If he travels a lot, you may consider buying him a durable grooming kit. Our Lee Dopp Kit / Men’s Grooming Kit is made of full-grain leather so it withstands the test of time. It has a classic and timeless design. He can pass it on to your future generations and it will still look as beautiful and stylish as if it was only previously bought. 

PEGAI Lee Dopp Kit/Men's Grooming Kit

All products can be personalized with his name or your anniversary date, whichever you prefer. Moreover, a part of our profits are donated to charities. Besides buying your special someone a gift, you’re also helping children get proper education. You may check out our website for other gift ideas you can give to him. 

Another year has passed and we know both of you have been through a lot. You can give him a thousand of gifts but let us tell you one thing: the most important gift of all is the love and memories you’ve shared together. Give him something that will always remind them of that special moment when you gave him the gift. Give him something memorable - something that’s personalized. Give him a PEGAI product. We congratulate you on another year full of love! May you have a strong and happy relationship. Cheers!

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