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The holiday season is coming up and you’re probably listing down the items that you want to give to your loved ones. These people have been with you since day one and you want to express your appreciation by sending them a gift. Or maybe someone’s birthday is coming up and you’re preparing a surprise for them. Maybe you would soon be celebrating your anniversary with your significant other. It truly is heartwarming whenever we see the reactions of the people we give a gift to. Who doesn’t love gifts and surprises, right? But why do we do this and when’s the best time to give someone a gift?

There’s no perfect time to give someone a gift. This act is not a requirement for every celebration but the first thing that always comes to mind when we want to show our appreciation is to surprise them. Holidays, birthdays, and anniversaries are the most commonly celebrated events every year but showing how thankful you are for the people around you aren’t limited to these special occasions. You can show them that you love them everyday.

How do we show our love for them? It depends on the person. If they are a coffee lover then prepare them a coffee every morning when they wake up. If they love organizing, maybe you can help them in little ways. If they love to cook, be their assistant chef. If their love language is receiving gifts, maybe surprise them from time to time with something that they will love. It doesn’t have to be everyday or every month, but it’s nice to see that you’re thinking of them. It’s always the small things that matter. It’s always the effort and thought that’s appreciated.

You can also surprise them in other ways. If you’re going home from work, you can surprise them with a flower or their favorite food. You can ask them for a dinner date or a lunch date at work (if that’s possible). What we’re trying to say is that the most important factor when you want to show someone that you care is consistency.

You can give anyone a gift but if it’s not genuine, if it’s against your will, then it will just be any other gift. There won’t be anything special about it. However, if you’re consistent and authentic, they will always appreciate the effort - no matter how small it is. There may be times when we’re too busy to notice that we’re slowly drifting away from our loved ones. But what’s important is you notice this and make it up to them. Always communicate your feelings with them.

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