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Quality leather crafts start with quality leather. One of our main advantages as a company is that we personally develop our own recipes to craft a product as unique as you. With our decades-old experience, we have the ability to select the cleanest hides since we are also the tanners of our own leathers. Here’s also a fun fact: the biggest challenge for small craftsmen today is to find and secure clean natural hides from the tanneries who only work closely with big brands. Luckily, we have our own tannery so we won’t have to worry about that.

If you will notice on our website or Etsy store, most of the items have a five-star review and customers commend our high-quality products. Recently, we also showed you how we design each product until it becomes one of our best-sellers. But one of you might ask, “how do we check the quality of our products?” That question will be answered in this week’s article.

If you haven’t read our blog article about how our products become a best-selling product, then you might also not know that our products undergo several prototyping processes. The first prototype is used by our Chief Craftsman, Tanner Leatherstein, and our other designers on a daily basis. This may sound strange but they use it carelessly to see if it’s durable. During this stage, they also take notes of which of the product’s features work and which don’t. After around three to five evaluation processes, they create the second prototype. Sometimes, the products take about 10 prototypes to ensure that we covered all details and that it was made of excellent quality.

Other products need further research. For example, before we created our McLean Leather iPhone Case / Wallet, we read some documentation from the phone’s manufacturer first. We checked if the magnetic function won’t affect the phone. It is important for us that all our products are comfortable to wear and use and it would not prevent you from doing your daily work. Our goal is to create products that will make a statement so you can show the world your authenticity. Thus, we manufacture our products with the highest-quality, full-grain leather to ensure durability.

After several prototypes, we will start selling the product. We only launch them in a controlled manner first, usually around 20 - 50 products. The most important part of the selling stage is to listen and read the customers’ reviews and messages. Most of the time, our customers recognize the things that we don’t, which for us, is crucial and valuable. If the product needs revisions (which, most of the time, it does), we will create another prototype to integrate the customers’ feedback and suggestions. This new prototype will, again, be sold on the market and eventually becomes one of our best-selling products.

One of PEGAI’s mission is to ensure that all our products are made of the highest quality. Being established as a leather brand whose goal is to help you make a statement and bring out your authenticity, we want you to have the highest-quality leather goods. Thus, one of the most significant parts of our process is the testing stage. You can be assured that all our products are worth your money. Additionally, all products have a timeless design so you can still wear it tomorrow, next month, next year, and in the next decades. You can even pass it on to your next family generation!

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