Let the world remember you for who you are, not for who you’re trying to be

“Express yourself as uniquely as possible in a confused and distracted world. It is not that hard.” - Tanner Leatherstein, PEGAI’s Chief Craftsman

Self-expression is a need that all of us have as unique individuals. It is a direct result of being a creation of nature that creates everything as one: it never makes identical duplicates, even snowflakes. And rightfully, it urges us with the instinct to express our authentic and elegant uniqueness. But how should we do it? How can we express our unique and authentic persona with the world? Well, I can’t tell you exactly what to do but I have an idea on how you can express your true self. 

Self-expression is only possible by being yourself and not by being someone that others expect or tell you to be. Only then, you will come across as natural and authentic to other people. And trust me it is the easiest way to do so. Don’t overthink everything that you need to do. Don’t please everyone to gain their approval. Just be yourself, and the world will remember you for your uniqueness. Effortlessly show what you’re capable of.

It is easy to get confused and swayed by messages and images showing us how to act and what to do these days. It is great to see all these people, influencers, celebrities and brands as who and what they are. But that doesn’t mean that we need to be like any of them. We should be able to draw the line between liking a personality and wanting to be like them. The most beautiful and happy version of ourselves is right behind the door of dropping the idea of having idols. You can like them and appreciate all the good things that they’re doing, but always remember that you have unique capabilities and characteristics. You’re not, and will never be, like them and that’s beautiful! Because the world will remember you for who you are, not for who you are trying to be.

Being who I am and keeping in mind my mission in life to help people understand leather and use it to its utmost potential, I am compelled to share my take on leather as a tool of self-expression to address this very fundamental need.

As designed by nature, leather being a unique and identifying feature of all creatures is available to us as a tool to say something about who we are. It has been used for this purpose for millennia. Leather goods always symbolized a status, character, or a personality of the person wearing or using it. Today, I find it disturbing to see that businesses and companies sell completely covered up and detached from its original authenticity leathers. These kinds of leather don’t help us express our authenticity. The moment humans intervene with that imperfect beauty of nature, we lose the special feature of leather that is meant to help us express ourselves as unique individuals. It becomes another piece of shiny plastic that every single piece is identical to. That is NOT a way to express ourselves. Thus, I am determined to help as many people as possible to understand and use leather in its natural, imperfect, but authentic form to express ourselves in our utmost potential. Next time you are looking for a unique leather craft as a means to express yourself, consider this and seek that imperfect elegance and natural connection with the leather you are buying.

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