Trip to Italy

Remember when Tanner took apart a $1,700 Louis Vuitton bag? If you haven’t, you can watch it here. In this video, you will see how the bag turned out and we’ll also be answering the following questions:

  • Why is Tanner going to Italy?
  • Is Italian leather considered good leather?
  • What new projects await for PEGAI?

Let us know about your thoughts and questions. You can comment them down below or directly on the YouTube video. We’ll see you again next time. A quick reminder to be authentic, be leather-savvy!


Hi! This is Tanner and welcome to my office. Since we made this bag (Frankenstein bag) from our last video, I cannot sleep. This turned out much better than I expected it to be. I touched, smelled, and felt this bag, and I thought that it was time to take action on this collection. This is a project that was waiting on my shelf for a long time now.

About three years ago, I went to Italy to explore the exclusive vegetable tanning craft in the Tuscany region and I got some samples. This bag was made out of those leather samples. I kept my swatch box over here. From time to time I go back over to it and kept thinking, “such beautiful crafts can be made out of these beautiful vegetable-tanned leathers that I got from there.” The Italians call this the “leather that speaks” because you can hear the sound when you touch it. You can also smell the naturalness. This is a totally experienced piece and leather that you can feel.

After seeing the actual craft, it turns out to be much better than the leather itself if it’s made into bags and wallets. I thought, “It’s enough waiting. We got to take action and make this collection available for you so you get to enjoy this incredible craft and enjoy this quality and not keep it only to myself.” After looking at my swatches, it will be worth it to go back to Italy and pay a visit to our friends there. I know they are working hard to improve their craft as well and we wanted to see what they’re up to. We want to remake our selections and reconsider our color options before we can place our first order to make our very first collection available using Italian leathers. Through this mini-series that we’ll call “Leather That Speaks,” we would like to invite you into this journey. We’ll see you at the airport.

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