Here at Pegai, we have been in the leather business for about 5 decades now. This company is the latest fruit of our extensive history and experience in this amazing branch of craftsmanship.

The Pegai project came to life as a synthesis of our two primary goals;

  • Perfecting our leather craftsmanship
  • Creating a positive impact in the world


The idea was simple; design and handcraft minimalist leather crafts that will make leather shopping easy. Then, share a portion of the proceeds for the education of underprivileged children in remote parts of the world. We call this "Good Craftsmanship"


It all started with an extensive tannery tour in Turkey to find the very best distressed leather that would make long lasting, rugged leather crafts that our customers will love. After thousands of miles and an endless quest for the perfect leather, manufactured at an environmentally conscious tannery, we finally found a tannery partner. This would make for the perfect foundation for this venture.


Then, the endless hours of drawing, cutting, and sewing to design leather crafts that would reflect the elegance of minimalism.


It turns out, people resonated with these ideas. The response we received from early customers was overwhelmingly positive. We started receiving calls, notes, and messages recognizing both the passion we poured into our crafts and our mission of supporting underprivileged children.


At this point we confirmed that we are headed to the right direction and encouraged ourselves even further to do better with each craft we churn out.


And now, it is time to update our goals to make an even bigger impact. With your support we were able to grow the Pegai Educational Sponsorship program and sponsor over 8,000 days of education by the end of 2017. We are committed to improve our craftsmanship, leather and customer service everyday with your help. So, please let us know if there is the simplest, smallest thing that we can improve upon…



Chief Craftsman

@ Pegai Atelier

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