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Pear | AirTag Holder | Mahogany

Amazing quality and beautiful product.

Leather Quick Card Access Trifold Wallet | Whiskey | Mack

The inside finishing could be better

I bought 4 belts from pegai, and someone thought they were too smart and packaged 2 belts and then stuffed the box with papers only for me to open the box and find only 2 belts. I contacted the company to have the other belts shipped, and they refused to send the replacements. I will never ever buy any belts from these con artists now. I am left to pay for belts I never received. Such a useless company.

exceptional bag - beautiful, but not quite perfect

I think it's good that I'm asked to give my opinion on this unusual bag after a while of getting used to it and using it.

The bag was sent quickly and excellently packaged. The colour “Obsidian” is something between deep dark brown and black and is extremely beautiful. Contrary to the round shape, the bag holds a lot of things a woman carries around.

Unfortunately, the German customs intervened and charged me an amount of around €35 - no problem for me, but you should take it into account.

I would like to point out two things.

First, the crossbody strap is a little short. I'm 1.67 cm tall and can barely put my elbow on the bag when wearing a jacket or coat, but not my entire forearm. So the handbag hangs a little bit too high.

Secondly, the zipper is sturdy and wide, but if you're looking for something in the bag, it's not for sensitive backs of the hands. Here you could perhaps try a short leather flap with a magnetic closure instead of a zipper.

Nevertheless, I love this beautiful, but unusual bag very much and wear it every day - except when it rains, then I prefer to be careful.

Alles bestens gern wieder

Ich habe das erste mal bestellt, nachdem ich die Videos angeschaut hat. Ich muss sagen, wirklich alles Top. Super Qualität und wenn man nicht das Markengedöns braucht genau das richtige. Also ich bestelle sicher nochmal. Beste grüsse aus Deutschland

Leather Quick Card Access Wallet | Whiskey | Agustine

Great product. I really like it

elegant quality clutch

I just received my black clutch, very elegant appearance in glamorous style, which is definitely a plus. Very light in hand. It looks stylish, practical and size is practical in use. I'm very happy with my purchase and price I paid.

Beautiful Craftsmanship

Great looking bag and definitely a statement piece. It a black with a tint of green which highlights its luxury. My only qualm is that it might weigh abit much, not suitable for long distance travel.

Absolutely gorgeous craftsmanship

Fantastic leather. Great value-for money

The exterior is fantastic in the hand. Very thick, beautiful full-grain hide here compared to other products, which adds to the feel of quality. That does mean that it should last, but it is not as slim in the pocket as you might like it. I have not put it through mich use yet, but the edge paint is also very thick and seems flexible, so I have high hopes.

Only niggling detail is the one I got has a few stitches that should ahve been straight but were a little crooked, but only on the interior. Overall I'd say incredible quality-for-money.

Outstanding quality!

The size and quality of this bag is outstanding. I just love feeling the bag and the leather smell is fabulous! This is not my first purchase from here and I will continue coming back. I am tired of paying way too high of prices for the fashion houses and the quality does not even come close to PEGAI.

Smiling from ear to ear…

Just received my Helen Crossbody Bag in Togo leather and am extremely pleased with the bag. Beautifully made and love the color, the overall packaging and the quality of craftsmanship! And thanks for the speedy delivery! Couldn’t be happier…

Gorgeous soft leather, calfskin lining with a beautiful smell. The same bag from an overly priced luxury name would be 3 times as much. Jump on this. On the smaller size but will fit small wallet, keys, tissues, small moisturizer and some small makeup items.

Beautiful & high quality piece!

I bought one for myself and loved it so much, I bought another one as a gift.

I will be purchasing more in the future.

Great product!

Hampton | Crossbody Bag | Turqoise w/ Gold Hardware
Susan Tucker

I love this bag! It's just big enough for everything I need. It works beautifully as a crossbody bag and sits where I set it without falling over. It's beautifully made and I believe is a bag I can carry for many years.

Looked great! And exactly how I wanted it!

It's a great product, but was not without it's challenges...

Great bag. Truly like promised. Looks smart and is really functional. However, the effort put into getting it was much greater than I'd hoped at that price point. The original order was not available so I was offered a similar finish on the same bag. I agreed to this via the channels provided, and proceeded to receive another four emails requesting the same information over a period of weeks. It was not until I left a review that anyone within the organisation contacted me to check the problem. The reply function on emails just doesn't work, and it's the same email address on the website. It changed the purchase experience from initially being easy, to requiring more effort and frustration than I'd hoped. If had I to do again, I'd find another option that was easier. Hopefully it's isolated and the company has better lines of communication available to future customers. Will likely not buy from them again.

Hi, Jamie! Thank you so much for your review!

This was actually the first time that it happened to us and we sincerely apologize for all the inconvenience caused by this! We did some further research and found out that all of your replies went to our Spam folder which we didn't check before.

Rest assured that our team is now also checking our Spam folder to see if there are any customer emails that were redirected there. We're really, really sorry again for the inconvenience, and we're doing our best so this doesn't happen again. Thank you so much again for giving us a chance!

Lux experience, saving for my next purchase

This wallet is stunning. I purchased the red one for a pop of colour and to make it easier to find inside dark coloured handbags. It has not disappointed. The leather has a beautiful grain, is just the right amount of puffy and smells amazing. Inside there are plenty of card slots and pockets for all the things one gathers in a wallet. The coin purse part also works a treat. It is also light to hold so doesn’t weigh a handbag down. Every time I handle the wallet it is a wonderful sensory experience.

Was it the wallet used?

I just received my wallet
Leather looks good
Unfortunately, there are scratches.

The product is great - they originally gave me the wrong product and with the speedy response from their sales team, I have got the one I purchased just in 2 days.

The service was great; the product is even better !!

The service was great; the product is even better !!

Leather Tote | Sharon | Cinnamon
Reinhold Glas
good deal

good deal very nice bag and thank you for perfect completion

Leather choice is definitely great and is definitely not some thin leather. It's thick which will last a long time for sure.Though would rather they don't use the magnetic closure and use the buckle on the bag as intended due to the fact is more secured than a magnet. Don't expect to put alot of things in there. I put in a lotr book (thick), a small tablet, wallet, a toiletry pouch and small jacket is filled up. That is for the main compartment. Still great for people who are minimalist and doesn't carry a lot of things with them. On a side note the top magnetic closure will pop open and won't stay close as you walk around. Also got to mention that the leather fact they have on each product on their website is good as it tells me the source, down to the details of it. Many companies don't do that. Keep that and never change it.

Leather is of substantial quality and hardware is good. My cards are easily put in and remove when used as the slot is bigger compared to some of my wallet where is the slot of the credit cards holder is too tight.

love the color and soft touch, but is it a defect?

I love this little card wallet that fits all my cards. Seline leather card holder I bought from Pegai was little small, and I was able to put only three cards in it.
I love blue color and soft touch of this lamb skin, but I see 1/3 portion of the back side does not have shrunken effect. Is it a defect?

Hi, Min So Kim! Thank you so much for your review!

We believe one of our representatives already reached out to you and replied via email, but we wanted to clarify the reason about the wallet's shrunken effect for other customers as well.

Since the Isabel leather wallet is made of non-embossed (natural) shrunken leather, the shrunken effect will vary and will be different for each wallet. Rest assured that this is not a defect and is very natural because it wasn't standardized.

Please let us know if ever we can help you further with anything! Thank you so much again for giving our products a chance! :)