Lee Dopp Kit/ Men's Grooming Kit - Charcoal Black

A minimalist dopp kit for travelers, weekend warriors, and stylish businessmen.
Handcrafted from minimally processed cowhide.
  • 7" x 4.5 "


Lee is our genuine Turkish leather, handcrafted men's dopp kit. Sturdy leather and a classic design make this perfect for men who favor timeless travel kits. This grooming kit can be used for everything from weekend camping trips to your jet-setting adventures.

With its durability, minimalism, and distressed leather, the Lee stands the test of time and will withstand any wear and tear over the years. The dopp kit is heirloom quality and can be passed down to future generations, along with your stories of travel and the places you went to over the years.


Roomy interior can fit shaving items, toothbrush, toothpaste, comb, deodorant, and more

Detachable wrist strap allows for easy carry
Size - 7" x 4.5 (19.68 x 11.43 cm)

Leather type - Top Grain Distressed Leather / Crazy Horse / Waxed Nubuck



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    Our Leather

    Full Grain | Crazy Horse Distressed Leather

    We tan only the cleanest and responsibility sourced heavy steer hides to perfection with our 5 decades old tanning recipes. 

    We give the top layer a slight buff to achieve the nubuck look with a pleasant velvety feature. Then we infuse our secret combination of waxes to make this leather interactive to touch. The end result is a minimally finished full grain hide that will age beautifully with use.

     Enjoy and embrace the nature of leather that hasn’t been scrapped of its character for the sake of standardization and mass-manufacturing!

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