Are Expensive Leather Goods Worth Your Money?

Different people have different definitions of what good leather is. Some of you might be having second thoughts about buying leather products because it might be hard to clean. Or someone might say that leather colors easily fade away. Some people believe that leather goods that are being sold by big brands are much more worth the money than those sold by small craftsmen because, well, they have an established reputation already. Most customers think that big brands have the top-tier leather goods. But are you sure you’re not just wasting your money on these big brands? In this week’s article, we’ll talk more about what good leather really is.

Big brands always tell you that their products are made from the highest quality materials. If you read articles about why these big brands are so expensive, you’ll notice that they all tell you the same thing - that they use the highest quality leathers there is in the market. But when you research more about why some people do not like these brands, they will tell you it’s because the products are not as sturdy and durable as they thought they would be. Why were these products, which were sold by big brands at a very expensive price, easily damaged? The answer to that is because these brands actually use mediocre leather.

What these big brands do is correct and standardize a mediocre leather in a way that’s going to work in the market. They sell it at a very high price to make an illusion that it is good leather. But here’s a warning to our readers and customers: the most expensive leather does NOT mean that it is the best leather. It might not even be good leather. There are a lot of determinants to consider before finalizing the price of the products. But buying the most expensive one doesn’t equate to buying the product that’s worth your money. So, what then is good leather?

A good leather is the most authentic and most untouched leather. Since these big brands are so massive, they will find it hard to find authentic and minimally touched leather. However, we at PEGAI, ensure that we deliver quality leather goods that people will enjoy. Moreover, it is part of our mission to democratize the leather industry by providing information on what okay, good, and great leather is so that people know what they are buying. To further this mission, we have created the Tanner’s Club.

There is a lack of knowledge about leather in the general public and those big brands take advantage of this by offering them mediocre leather goods. That is why we created the Tanner’s Club to help people become leather-savvy. We’ll be creating helpful articles and entertaining videos so you can join us with our mission of informing others what good leather is and how it can bring out your true and authentic self.

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