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Tanner Leatherstein explains how he started creating his YouTube channel and TikTok videos and what triggered him to share his knowledge with the world. His friends have asked him lots of questions about leather and now, he wants to help people become more leather-savvy.

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Hi, guys! This is Tanner here. I’m a lifetime servant of the leather craft, and I’m here to help you understand leather better so you enjoy this resource to its full potential.

Do you remember the last time you were trying to shop for a good leather bag or wallet for your significant other and you were stressing out that you think you don’t know enough about leather? You were completely at the mercy of the salesperson or you start relying on the price or the brand to get quality identification.

When I was 11 years old, I took five sheepskins and turned them into these leathers by tanning. And then, I made my first leather jacket all by myself. What started as a game became a lifetime passion. All my friends have been asking me the same questions: “Hey, Tanner! I got this. Is this leather? Is it good? Did I spend too much?”

That’s when I realized this lack of knowledge in the general public. But I’m here to help you. I'll create these videos with little consumable bits of information and entertainment about the leather industry so you become leather-savvy and stop wasting your hard-earned dollars on mediocre leather goods.

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