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For all the women out there, this article is dedicated to you. Today, we’re celebrating International Women’s Day. We recognize the hardships that you’ve been through and how far you’ve come to fight for your rights. We see you and we appreciate how strong you’ve become in fighting in this patriarchal world. No matter where you are in the world, one thing’s for sure: you are one of the reasons why this world became a better place. And to celebrate this day, we’ve created this article so you can treat yourself today with something that you deserve.

Today’s featured product is the LaSalle Rustic Leather Tote. It’s a very popular product among women and here are some reasons why. It has a handle strap made of sturdy vegetable-tanned leather to provide extra durability. Two sizes are available for LaSalle: Grande and Mini, so you can choose whichever fits your needs (of course, you can always choose both!).

PEGAI LaSalle Rustic Leather Tote

The grande size fits a 13 - 15” laptop plus more room for your other essentials such as phone, water jug, book, makeup kit, pencil case, and more! This size is the perfect size for all the working professionals out there! The mini size won’t fit a laptop so it’s better to use for quick errands such as going to the mall or grocery store. It’s also more convenient to use when hanging out with friends and family.

PEGAI LaSalle Rustic Leather Tote Measurement Size - Grande

Both sizes have an inside and outside pocket, a key loop, and a zipper so you can organize your things more easily. We’re discussing adding a leather tote organizer to our collection (based on popular demand) so make sure you watch out for them so you can match your totes and your organizer!

PEGAI LaSalle Rustic Leather Tote

Now, enough with us talking. Here are some reviews from people who bought LaSalle from our different online shops:

  • Ashley from Etsy: “Obsessed isn’t even the word I would use! I was going back and forth about sizes, but due to them being out of the Jumbo, I decided on the Grande Premium. It’s amazing! It fits my laptop, multiple folders, and a work binder. Best decision ever!”
  • Xavier from Etsy: “I can't even express how much I love my bag. It's one of those purchases where based on other ratings, you think that it could never live up to the expectations - but alas, it does! I am so impressed and I will likely be adding a few more pieces to my collection!”
  • Lunaplanting from Amazon: “I have very expensive bags that are going to get sold now because the quality of this bag is so much nicer I’m not afraid to use it. I’m seriously thinking I have to get one in rock color and get rid of every other bag I have.”
  • OHmom5 from Amazon: “Fantastic purse! Love the embroidered initials! Well made purse with the amazing leather smell! The zipper works perfectly and the side is exactly what I was looking for. I recommend this purse for yourself or even as a gift for someone else!”

  • If you’re still not convinced with how useful and elegant this purse is, you can check reviews from the Daily Mom, Michigan Saving and More, Destination Luxury, and Theresa Reviews. We’re sure you’re going to love it.

    Let us know if you have any questions or product suggestions. We’re continuously expanding our product catalog and would love to hear more from you! Again, for all the women reading this article, always remember that we recognize you and your hard work. It might not be every day that someone tells you this, but know that we’re very proud of you. You deserve all the finer things in life and no less. There’s always someone who sees you. Thank you for continuously fighting for what you deserve. Keep going, strong woman! Happy international women’s day to you!

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    • Brenda Pellecchia

      I just purchased the Lasalle grande bag and absolutely love it. I would very much like to purchase another bag but I would like it to be a jumbo. I do see it on your picture but I don’t see how I can order one. Do you still make the jumbo with a zipper. Please let me know.
      Thank you.
      Brenda Pellecchia

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