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When someone means the world to us, we want to give them all the best things in life because that is what they deserve. But one person might ask, “how do I make them feel special?” There are actually five love languages a person can use to make others feel that they are appreciated. One of them is giving gifts.

The most important aspect of gift-giving is to spend a few minutes thinking about what this special person wants. Ask yourself, what are their hobbies? What interests them? What makes them feel excited? If that special someone is a stationery addict, they might like some padfolios for taking notes. If they love taking pictures, they would definitely love a durable camera strap. If they are travelers, they’d appreciate a luggage tag or a tote bag. But there are a lot of mass-produced items in the market. There is no way of knowing whether the person already owns the item. Asking them would destroy the element of surprise. Or who knows? Maybe some other person already gave them that mass-produced product as a gift - making yours feel less special.

That is why the most perfect gift you can give to someone is something personalized. Give them something that has their initials on them or a phrase where they can remember you by. An advantage of giving someone a personalized gift is that they will always remember you whenever they do the things that they love. Your friend will remember you whenever they open their padfolios to write some notes. Your boyfriend or girlfriend will remember you whenever they are taking pictures. Your wife or husband will remember you whenever they travel alone. Whatever they do, wherever they are, they will always remember that special moment when you gave them that special and personalized gift.

Luckily, PEGAI has worked for the past five years to be an expert in this gift-giving occasion. There are a lot of products you can choose from and we’re continuously building our product catalog to give you more. We have developed various personalization options (fire-branded initials or laser engraved artwork) to make this sacred occasion more special. Each product comes with very presentable packaging options. We make sure we deliver it fast because we want everyone to feel loved and special, and we want it now.

PEGAI is committed to its brand promise of delivering the most special and perfect gift by being the premium authentic full-grain leather crafts brand. Whether it is for corporate gifting, a gift for wedding occasions, anniversaries, Christmas - whatever it is, we will continue to uphold our promise of giving you the best personalized gifts. So, check out our website the next time you’ll be looking for a personalized gift and subscribe to our newsletter to get updates on all the new cool and beautiful designs we will be offering and to gain more knowledge on how to become leather-savvy. You can also subscribe to our YouTube channel for more entertaining content. And always remember that you are special and loved, and you deserve that buy from PEGAI!


** Please note that personalization options are now only available through our Etsy store.

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