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It’s the most beautiful time of the year: it’s Holiday time! It’s always fun to shop for gifts for your loved ones, am I right? But we just have those friends, relatives, or colleagues who are especially hard to shop for. Don’t worry, we got you! Here is a list of ideas for a gift that’s perfect for him or her.

1. LaSalle Leather Tote

The women in your life will definitely love one of our best-sellers: the LaSalle Leather Tote! It comes in four different colors - Rock Gray, Mahogany Brown, Charcoal Black, and Chestnut Brown. You can buy the mini or grande versions depending on their needs. If it’s for a work tote bag, we definitely recommend buying the grande version so they can fit their laptops inside (with more rooms for their essentials). Buy the mini version if it’s intended to be carried around the whole day, whether it’s at the mall or park.

PEGAI LaSalle Rustic Leather Tote Bag

2. Marshall Leather Padfolio

For your workaholic friends, colleagues, or relatives, the Marshall Leather Padfolio is the best gift for them! They can easily organize all meeting essentials inside this padfolio as it already includes a pen holder, pad holder, business card holder, and front pocket. For sure, they will create a bold impression during their team meetings! Marshall is available in four colors: Mahogany Brown, Cognac Brown, Chestnut Brown, and Rock Gray.

PEGAI Marshall Leather Padfolio

3. Buffalo Leather Belt

Let all men roam around the town stylishly with the Buffalo Leather Belt. Handcrafted from minimally-processed buffalo hide, this belt will stand the test of time. Available sizes are from 32” - 48” while available colors are Rustic Brown, Black, Brandy Brown, Saddle Brown, and Wheat Brown.

PEGAI Buffalo Leather Belt for Men

4. Kane Leather Trifold Wallet

You can never go wrong with giving men a wallet that they can use for the rest of their lives. Did you know that they replace their wallets only when someone gives them a new one? Yep, that’s correct. My brother used his wallet even when it’s already given up on life! Kidding aside, this Kane Leather Trifold Wallet is made of real full-grain leather so rest assured it’s high-quality. Available colors for Kane are Charcoal Black, Chestnut Brown, and Rock Gray.

PEGAI Kane Leather Trifold Wallet

We can go on about the possible gifts you can give to the important people in your life, but it might take you a couple of minutes to finish reading this gift guide. Here’s a tip though: think about what they enjoy doing or their hobbies. If they love to go shopping, buy them a tote bag. If they love to go outside, buy them a wallet. If they love taking pictures, buy them a camera strap. If you put a careful thought into the gifts you would give to them, we’re sure they’re going to love it.

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