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Most people are willing to splurge on luxuries and high-end items without even thinking about whether the product is made of high quality leather. They save for months or years so that they can buy leather goods from big brands. We’re not against them treating themselves to a very well-deserved purchase but we wanted to make sure that they can also save money by buying and investing in the highest quality product that they can use for years to come. Are you one of those people who collects designer items from big brands? How sure are you that the leather that they use is of good quality? In this week’s article, we will help you to choose the best leather for your needs. We will be explaining four leather types and we’ll rank them according to their durability.

The most durable leather is the full grain leather. If you want to uniquely express yourself and make a statement, you should look for products made of this kind of leather. It can last for a long-time and is a very good investment that you can add to your leather goods collection. Full grain leathers are minimally-finished and their natural imperfections are visible. It’s the most authentic and elegant type of leather that you can wear which lets you show the world the best version of yourself.

Top grain leather comes second in the durability test. If you want a more uniform, refined, standardized, and polished look, top grain leather is your go-to. You can use these leathers in formal events where being authentic, rugged, and natural is not the top priority. Top grain leathers make you look sharp and sleek. It’s still a good leather that lets you create a bold statement on an occasion where unity, and not self-expression, is the goal. Just be careful, top grain leathers should not be very expensive nor too cheap. Most top grain leathers are overpriced so beware of that.

The next leather type is the genuine leather. These types of leather are not as durable as full and top grain, but it still does its job. If you’re on a budget and you’re looking for something that’s functional, you can buy genuine leather products. Look out for these leathers because it’s the most misleading type of leather available in the market. They wouldn’t last for a long time depending on how it was made but it is still functional. Remember that genuine leathers are not the best and greatest leather, rather it’s one of the lowest grades of leather. 

The last type of leather is called bonded leather. If you’re on a really tight budget and you need something that can only be used in a short amount of time (maybe a day or two), you can consider buying bonded leather goods. It is made only to save the day. We don’t really recommend you to buy products made of this kind of leather but if you don’t have any other options, you can use bonded leather. However, you should manage your expectations as it won’t really last for a long time. 

We hope you learned something new this week! Let us know if this article helped you and share it with your friends, family, or colleagues so they can save both their time and money from buying low quality leather goods. If you want to know more about how to become leather-savvy, you should definitely check out Tanner’s Club’s YouTube channel! It’s full of detailed explanations about leather that will help you to invest more on high quality leather goods. Some of the videos are also available on our Facebook page. We’ll see you again for the next article! Always remember that you are special and loved, and you deserve that buy from PEGAI!


  • Anna

    Hi, I was planning on buying a leather Sofa. It is called Full grain pure Aniline Italian Leather. Will this leather stand up with time and get a lovely patina? Will it absorb oils or liquids and stain easily?

  • anna

    good afternoon, really appreciate this it help me to
    look for what will last me longer when pruchasing.

  • Steven A. Morris

    Thanks 4 sharing!

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