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Thanksgiving is the day where we can give thanks for the blessings that we receive. It is celebrated in different countries such as the United States and Canada. The United States acknowledges the holiday every Thursday on the fourth week of November, while Canada celebrates it every second Monday of October. However, giving thanks to your loved ones shouldn’t be shown only for a day. Rather, you can express your gratitude throughout the year. So on this upcoming Thanksgiving Day, give them a gift that they will appreciate not only on Thanksgiving, but for the entire year.

We always need something to write on. Whether you’re a corporate employee, an entrepreneur, a journalist, or a student, everyone has something to write about. With that said, the perfect and useful gift you can give to your loved ones is a Marshall Leather Padfolio. Or, you can also check out the Eriksen Leather Padfolio which is slightly smaller than Marshall that makes it easier for them to carry. These padfolios help them to organize their things more easily because of its front pocket, a business card or ID holder, and a pen holder. All of their meeting essentials are already in one place.

PEGAI Marshall Leather Padfolio

For the women of your life, may it be your wife, mom, girlfriend, or a friend, we would suggest you give them something that they could use anytime. You can give them the LaSalle Leather Tote Bag that they can stylishly bring anywhere they go, whether it’s to the office, to the mall, or to the grocery store. It would be the perfect addition to their wardrobes! What’s more exciting is that you can ask us to monogram their initials on the bag to make it more personalized. Give them this thoughtful gift and we’re sure that they’ll love it!

PEGAI LaSalle Rustic Leather Tote Bag

You shouldn’t forget to thank your bros for always being there for you as well! You might be struggling with thinking of what you can give to them. Worry no more because we’re here to help! Men don't like shopping for themselves but they would definitely appreciate it when someone remembers them. You can give them the Kane Leather Trifold Wallet. They bring their wallets everywhere they go so for sure they’ll always remember your little gift! Alternatively, you can give them a wallet with a matching phone case. In that case, our McLean Leather iPhone Case/Wallet would be the perfect option for this. They can easily detach their phones for easy access whenever they want to take a picture or simply take a call.

PEGAI Kane Leather Trifold Wallet

For the person who always loves to capture the good memories, give them the Steve Pro DSLR Camera Strap and personalize it with their initials. We’re sure they’re going to love your gift. The strap can be adjusted which makes it easier for them to focus on taking the shot and capturing the moments that will surely be remembered for a lifetime.

PEGAI Steve Pro DSLR Leather Camera Strap

We hope this Thanksgiving gift guide helped you to decide what you want to give to your loved ones. We may not always show how grateful we are that we have them, but we should always be thankful for everything that we have and everyone whom we love. They have become our main support system and they will continue to support us in every milestone of our life. On this day, tell them that you love them and are thankful that they have become a part of your life. We’re sure you will brighten up their day. And of course, thank yourself, too, for having come this far. We know it wasn’t an easy road but looking back, we know you’ve done greater things. And for that, we, at PEGAI, are thankful and are very proud of you. We’ll see you again in our next article! Always remember that you are special and loved, and you deserve that buy from PEGAI!

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