What to do when you got a bad review from an unhappy customer?

What to do when you get a bad review from customers?

We received a bad review on our shop and social media accounts from a customer and in this video, we’ll walk you through how we tried to make it up to our customer. We’ll also discuss our plan so this doesn’t happen again.

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I know a lot of you, guys, are crafting your leather goods and most of you are selling those things in your brands or online stores. Sometimes, things go wrong in customer service, production, and anything in between.

I had the same thing happen to my PEGAI brand this morning. We’re going to go to work now and see what we did wrong, how we can make sure that doesn’t happen, and try to fix that issue with that customer even if it’s a little too late. We want to make it right so you don’t take someone’s money when they’re not happy. So, let’s get to work!

Now, let’s dig into what happened. We have a one-star review notification from Google. We read the review and there was an issue of wrong–shifted embossing personalization on his products. He actually bought six items and two of them were a little shifted. Once he reached out, he got a response from our team that these are handcrafted items and that sometimes, these kinds of shifts happen but it is actually not acceptable. We’re going to have to fix this situation.

Going back, we checked the records for the same customer and he actually has been a long-time customer. He has been purchasing stuff from us since 2019 and this time, he bought six of the items of which two were not satisfactory. This is absolutely not acceptable for us to say, “Hey, this is a handmade item and mistakes happen.” If mistakes happen, we’re going to have to fix them for him first. 

Now we understand the situation. This is a crooked embossing situation, and it’s completely on us. It’s not the customer’s fault and we cannot keep him responsible for it. It’s absolutely not acceptable. Now, we have to make sure the customer service policy is fixed going forward so that nobody gets a response like that in a situation where this happens.

On the other hand, we need to make sure this doesn’t happen. Our personalization team is equipped with all kinds of measures to make sure each and every time they can emboss it accurately straight and the way we advertise it so nobody can complain about these kinds of mistakes before our item leaves our workshop.

Later today, it’s my priority to fix those issues for this customer. Send replacement items. Even if it’s too late, I hope we can recover some of his dissatisfaction over here. I’ll talk with my team about this policy change and put in place some quality control measures so this doesn’t happen again.

I’m going to give him a call if I can reach his number and if I find an available time to apologize personally. I’m trying to take this bad situation seemingly as an opportunity to improve my services, processes, and customer experience. Unfortunately, mistakes happen but we’re ready to fix them every day once at a time. Thank you.

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