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Not a lot of companies tell you how they came up with their products - how it first started as an idea, how the team brainstormed the products’ features, and how they manufacture them and decide that the product can now be sold on the market. Well, here at PEGAI, we value our customers very much and we want to be transparent. This week, we’ll be taking you through the process of how our products start as an idea until it becomes one of PEGAI’s best-selling products.

But first, let me ask you a simple question, what are the things you can’t just leave at the house whenever you’re heading out? Well, for Tanner Leatherstein, our Chief Craftsman, he can’t leave without his two wallets, his AirPods, phone, and keys. One day, he realized that his pockets had too many things to carry that they became stuffed. We don’t know about you but we don’t want our pants to be too heavy. It just feels very uncomfortable. So, he asked himself, how are we going to find a solution to these kinds of problems? That’s when he had the idea of creating a new product category which we called PAX. And that is how all our products start - a story of a need in life.

Our Chief Craftsman would then hold a meeting with the entire design team. They will start to brainstorm how the product would look like: its design, features, and everything in between. We’re now aiming for a unisex design so it doesn’t look too feminine, nor too masculine. Usually, our designer sketches around 10 - 15 shapes and formats for each product. Again, the team will brainstorm what the final shape would be until they narrow it down to one to two looks. Afterwards, they will talk about the other details - the colors, stitching, pockets, and the other features that they can add.

After designing the first version, they will then give it to the craftsman to start actualizing the product. Once it’s done, they will take notes about some of the features that they can add or remove. Our Chief Craftsman and the other designers will start utilizing the products on a daily basis to check how else they can modify them. After a few days of usage, they will come up with a new prototype with all of the updates. This is where the second version of the product is born.

Once the second version of the product is manufactured, the graphics team will start taking pictures of the finished product and we will now put it in the market. During this stage, we take a closer look at how our customers respond to the product. If people constantly say the same things about it, we will modify the product and create a version three. We will start selling the new and modified version and before we know it, the product now becomes one of the best-sellers on the market.

That’s the whole process - how it only started as an idea up to becoming one of our best-selling products. It may take time to finish just one product, but it’s definitely worth the effort once we see the smiles on your faces. We hope you enjoyed this week’s article just as much as we enjoy every step of our processes. Let us know about your thoughts on the comments below or share it on social media with the #PEGAIStories. If you want to know more about our products, subscribe to our newsletter and we’ll give you more readings on how to better take care of your leathers. You can also subscribe to our YouTube channel to find more entertaining content. Always remember that you’re special and loved, and you deserve that buy from PEGAI!

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