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You might have heard about the word “Pegasus” if you’re interested in Greek Mythology. If you haven’t, a pegasus is a winged divine stallion. According to the legend, Pegasus is an offspring of Medusa and Poseidon. But what does that have to do with our brand? Let us tell you the story on how our Chief Craftsman, Tanner Leatherstein, came up with “PEGAI” as our brand name. 

Originally, our brand was supposed to be called Leatherstein. But as Tanner was setting up the Etsy shop, he encountered an error with the shop’s name. This had him thinking of possible shop name alternatives. Then, he thought about his childhood. Tanner grew up in Canakkale, Turkey. That is where he discovered his love and passion for leather. When he was eleven, he tanned his first five sheepskin to create his own leather jacket. And from that moment, his love for leather only grew stronger.

But what is its relation to the brand’s name? I asked our Chief Craftsman about it and I discovered that the ancient Greek name of his hometown in Turkey, which is Canakkale, is Pegasi. Now, Pegasi is the plural form of pegasus. Tanner then thought that the name “PEGAI” is more unique. And since his mission is to help people make a statement by bringing out the authenticity and uniqueness of leather goods, he decided to go with that name. Not all people know that word and thus, not just anyone can copy the brand’s name.

Up until now, we still conduct our business in the same city. Despite being in the United States, the leather that we use, the products that we manufacture, and some of our other craftsmen and designers are from Canakkale, Turkey. For our brand, it is a historical place where it all started. It is the place where Tanner played with leather that has now become his passion. And it is the place that he will forever remember: the place that witnessed all of his hopes and dreams.

“I still love the name Leatherstein. Currently, I’m using it as my professional name. But I have other exciting plans for it in the future.  I thought that it might be a blessing in disguise that there was an error on the name when I set up our Etsy shop.  Once we’re all ready and everything’s set, we’ll use the name again some time in the future,” Tanner answered about his plans for the name Leatherstein.

How about you? Do you wish we went with Leatherstein as our brand name or do you agree that PEGAI suits us best? Let us know about your thoughts on the comments section or post it on social media with the hashtag #PEGAIStories. Also, check out our YouTube channel for Tanner’s Club! If you buy luxury products and spend thousands of dollars on them, you might want to reconsider. Check out our informational and entertaining videos and make better decisions when shopping for your next leather goods. We’ll see you again in our next article. Always remember that you’re special and loved, and you deserve that buy from PEGAI!


  • Juan Gaeta

    PEGAI is Perfect, love Saint Seyia, it brings back memories, ordered my first item and hope to keep supporting the brand.

  • Heather McCallum

    oh no…pegai is perfect. Its a name i remember because I love Greek mythology and the story behind the name is awesome. I just recently got a new phone and was FINALLY able to get a wallet for it!! YAY! So classy and elegant just like the Pegasus.

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