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Lovely product, fantastic value

This cigar case is superb and worth not just every penny but rather more than it cost. Ah excellent product and an amazing value.

Love this laptop bag

Superior quality, fantastic workmanship. Works really well with my MacBook Air 13” and enough room for my 12.9” iPad Pro as well (with Magic Keyboard). The interior pockets are a little tight, and it would have been nice to have some additional roomier pockets, maybe not made of leather (to more securely hold the charging brick and other items). But overall, this is just an amazing beautiful and well made bag.

Amazing wallet

Pegai wallet is a highly recommended choice, boasting exceptional quality and craftsmanship. Its superior design and functionality make it a standout option for those seeking a reliable and stylish wallet.

Love my items!

All items were just as beautiful as expected. The leather craftsmanship is wonderful. My crossbodies are the perfect size. The Togo leather feels absolutely beautiful.

Amaizing Staple Piece

Although it is kind of pricey due to my local currency i can say it is a great investment piece. The level of detail is amaizing! it smells amaizing, the finish of the bag makes it forever fashionable and it fits my laptop which was a big selling point for me. I'm in love!!


Price is definitely worth the quality of my wallet. Love it!

The most beautiful bag I’ve ever seen.

I could smell the leather through the box. Then when I opened it and saw that beautiful blue color, I was mesmerized this bag was very well put together and very well thought through. I hope that they come out with a hobo style bag, and many many more beautiful designs made of pure leather and different color, wallets and styles of wallets. It’s nice to be able to buy a quality leather bag without breaking the bank. Something that will last for a lifetime.

Hampton | Crossbody Bag | Brown w/ Nickel Hardware

Excellent quality products

The best quality for your money. Definitely a product for those who value quality over brands

PURSE SPECS ARE MISLEADING! This purse has nylon on the underside of both back straps!

I looked at this purse for many days. It’s not cheap - $275 by an unknown brand is a big leap. This brand tears apart other brands and make comments when the brand doesn’t use top notch materials. I’ve purchased 2 leather belts from them as well as a leather phone holder from them. The 2nd belt actually came to me with the color and the embossing on the WRONG side of the belt. They remedied the problem after I submitted many pictures.
This backpack does NOT mention that it uses a vinyl backing on the backpack straps. NO WHERE on the product page does it mention anything other than calfskin/nubuck leather. I just couldn’t justify the price for a high price point item with subpar materials. Being the second strike with this company, I contacted them and informed them that I was misled by their website advertising on this purse. They took no responsibility. Since it was over $100, I was given two of two crappy options. 1. Use a prepaid label by then and get a merchandise CREDIT for their store. 2. Return it at MY COST and receive a full refund.
I explained that I was misled and their customer service was terribly disappointing and refused to send a prepaid label. Now that I know that their manufacturing process and materials used are not consistent with their prices, I will never buy another item from this company ever again. I’ve already added it onto my social media because I feel that these issues, in these times where money is not easy to come by, we need to make sure that we are getting the best item possible for our hard earned money. I just bought a Rebecca Minkoff Julian backpack for nearly the same price and I AM GUARANTEED to receive a top notch manufactured product that ONLY has top grain leather used on the backpack. So do your homework and ask questions before buying ANYTHING! Use me as a reference for what not to do. I obviously chose to pay for the item to be returned because this company will not see another penny from me. This is unacceptable and their treatment of me is disgustingly unprofessional. They know that their website is misleading but they REALLY don’t care. My latest interactions about this backpack just solidified my beliefs. They talk a great game on YouTube but fail to follow through with their own products. For $275 and to have a vinyl underside on both straps… that is ABSOLUTELY MISLEADING, GREEDY AND RIDICULOUS. If it were to be under $100, maybe I could see using another material (but they do still need to make sure it’s written in the specs on the item!). $275? NO!!! Absolutely unacceptable. Sent back at my expense yesterday. Waiting for them to receive it tomorrow and then we’ll see how long it takes them to give me my entire money back.

See pics: do YOU see ANY mention of a vinyl mesh material on the underside of both straps?? Yeah, me neither. That’s because it’s not there and yet I still had to pay to return the purse. Illegal? Quite possibly! Buyer beware. Especially here.

Hi, Amy! We're so sorry to hear about your experience!

The back side of the strap of our Rocky backpack is made out of polyester to prevent potential color bleeding to your clothes. The leather's color might transfer to your clothes, especially on high-touch areas, and we didn't want our customers to have those kinds of problems.

However, we're actively working on improving our website! We've informed our team to include more detailed information on our listings. Right now, we're working on adding more detailed pictures and providing leather facts about the leathers we used in each product, as well as additional information about the backpack's straps.

Our new releases (like this Rocky Blue backpack) might still have missing information, but we're definitely working on adding it. If you have any questions about specific products on our website or are a little hesitant to purchase something, you can reach out to our customer service first. They will be happy to provide more details about your inquiry.

We sincerely apologize again for your experience with our company, and we take full responsibility for it. Please let us know if there's anything else we can do to help. Thank you so much!

Irving | Stitched Leather Belt | Rust
Carlos Armando Ruiz Romero
My expectations were exceeded.

Amazing quality, beautiful products, fair prices. I'm in Mexico City and the delivery took around 5 business days. Super happy and will certainly buy again.

It’s nicer than on picture

I bought it in black. This is my first purchase. The bag is so beautiful, sleek and elegant. The actual product looks better than the picture. Worth every cents! I want to get more bags from PEGAI!

Viola pink crossbody bag & leather quilted black wallet - Wonderful products.

Excellent service from Pegai, from ordering through to receiving items. Kept informed the whole time. I’m in the Uk. Beautifully made bag (Viola pink) and quilted wallet. I would love Pegai to make a quilted crossbody bag. I would definitely again. Many thanks!

Ray | Leather Messenger Bag | Antique Brown

Love your product!!!

Please contact me if you ever have a clearance sale….[****]

Hampton Crossbody - Aqua

Very nice bag, good quality and packaged very well. I was a little hesitant about the color when ordering. It is true to what the color shows online, a green/sage, which is what I wanted. The name aqua (to me) is a little misleading since I would not say there is any blue in the bag color.


This is my second purchase from this company, The products are top quality with fair pricing and fast delivery
If you are looking for excellent quality and solid value for money leather bags, wallets, purses and belts this is the only company you need.

Pegai is unbeatable

Great quality and value. I hope Pegai offers leather watch box cases in the near future. I plan purchasing its for my family from here. The card holder is even better in person

Quite a good briefcase. Impressed

Got the briefcase a couple of weeks back, and the presentation is top-notch. Luxuriuous box, velvet cover, heavy leather smell. Almost perfect.

1. Zipper always jams on one tooth, strange how it went through the QA.
2. Dents on sides from both handles are still visible on leather. Thought they would "heal" themselves somehow.

Both are not a big deal, but killed the overhyped excitement somehow.

Forget your designer bags, you NEED This!!!!

Okay this is totally out of character for me but... I recently needed a tote for the new position at work so I can bring my laptop to and from, but still look professional. Forget Louis Vuitton, YSL, Coach, Chanel, Chloe etc.... You need this instead.
@pegai.leather Sharon Tote!
NEVER in my life have I seen a purse in this price range of THIS quality. The stitching is IMMACULATE. The leather is clearly high quality, complete with a high quality canvas lining and leather trim everywhere that matters. Minimal branding and their brand is a pegasus so it's just amazing regardless.
The quality is well worth the price tag which is more than I can say for Louis Vuitton. I won't get ride of my Damier Ebene... But I'm nothing short of incredibly impressed and I'm not easily impressed by bags.. especially in this price range.
Do yourself a favor and check out their brand. You will NOT be disappointed. I solemnly swear to tell absolutely everyone I know about them because they 100% deserve every bit of recognition they get. This is a QUALITY product for an unbelievable price.
Also check out the owners videos on YouTube (@tanner.leatherstein) for a Leathercation so you can make more informed decisions on your leather goods with your hard earned money. I know it was incredibly eye opening for myself.

Gets better with age

Absolutely love my wallet! It’s so well made and the leather is aging do well!

Journal inserts/customer service

Great quality! Super helpful!

Beautiful bag

I'm very excited about the quality of the tote bag. It is a very nice shopper. Unfortunately I had to pay 70 Euros custom dues at my local duty. Therefore I will not buy again. Sad but it is too expensive to order it from Turkey to deliver to Germany. I wished there were an information on this website about this.

Leather Mouse Pad | Antique Brown | West
Beautiful bag

I'm very excited about the quality of the bag. It is a very nice shopper. Unfortunately I had to pay 70 Euros custom dues at my local duty. Therefore I will not buy again. Sad but it is too expensive to order it from Turkey to deliver to Germany.