It's all about leather...

As a tanner himself, our Chief Craftsman Tanner Leatherstein travels around the world to find most authentic specialty tanneries to provide you with an unparalleled leather craft experience.

Italian Vegtan Bags

Our most loved bags are made with these certified vegetable tanned leathers from Tuscany!
As nature intended

The Secret Lies within

The oldest form of tanning is done using vegetable extracts coming from certain tree barks. And the families in Tuscany mastered this art by refining their time-honored techniques in centuries now.

The Ultimate Leather Wallet

Malcom is our most recent design featuring our leather first mindset in and out. This timeless classic is completely crafted with artisan leather inside out. Including the inner surfaces of each pocket are lined with our signature Ibiza Calskin in orange color. It features the most sophisticated edge finishing technique, English seem for a lifetime of elegance without any question of failure.
Our Testimonials

 What People Say?

What a beautiful piece! The sound, texture, and smell is an experience. I enjoy the uniqueness of the bag's leather color and texture. Well made inside and out, as well as the straps. Quality bag, highly recommended!!

Alexander Kim

Senior Briefcase | Italian Brown

gorgeous leather, simple silhouette, well made, very practical. it attracts attention and pure admiration, shines on its own when put along with expensive big brand bags.


Hampton | Italian Brown

Beautiful leather , super cute , new to my collection. Going to buy one more


Bucky | Italian Dark Brown

One of the best gift I ever handed to my man. The leather itself is an absolute quality. It smells good, which I like when I buy a good leather. On the other note, my man have to give up some cards and stuff in his previous wallet because the new one is not that big. Overall, it is worth every penny.

LowLah Cañlego

Edward | Italian Rum Brown

Other Gems in Vegtan Collection

We make a variety of designs using this special line of leathers in limited quantities

Frequently Ask Questions

What is so special about Vegetable Tanned leather?

These leathers are tanned solely with extracts coming from the nature. It is the most natural and ancient way of tanning leather. The technique produces a heavy and dense leather that has a reactive nature to touch and elements in the air. These leathers age into a darker and shinier patina by interacting with sun light and oxygen in the air.

How to maintain vegetable tanned leathers?

These leathers are infused with natural oils and waxes needing minimal maintanence. Once or twice a year, you can simply apply a leather conditioner to your craft to keep it soft and supple.

Are vegetable tanned leathers water and scratch resistant?

As natural leathers, our vegtan collection has very minimal finish on top to reflect the natural beauty of the grain. So they don't have water resistance. And they are highly reactive to touch so they would accumulate scars and scratches showing the history of the craft with use. Avoid sharp and abrasive surfaces if you like to keep them scratch free.